Sponsor the Wickford at Christmas Street Fair and lights

Reach thousands of nearby residents and show your support for this community cause

Your backing can help pay for event essentials, entertainment and funding the Christmas lights in 2019 and beyond

We love working with local businesses and organisations to create the Christmas atmosphere and event our high street deserves.

Any support you can provide is appreciated. There are plenty of opportunities available and we will support you along the way. 

Our reach

More than 5,000 people visited the Street Fair in 2018.

We distribute 5,000 copies of our brochure ahead of the event in schools, community centres, shops and many other places around Wickford.

Across our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we have more than 1,750 fans with an average reach of more than 5,000 per post.

In 2018 our website reached 16,300 page views and 7,600 unique visitors. 

Sponsorship options

An amount of your choice: Donate on our GoFundMe page and we’ll thank you in our brochure

Headline - £2,500+

  • Classed as main sponsor/s

  • Logo on front of brochure 

  • Company name will be mentioned in press releases sent to local media and radio stations

  • All elements of platinum package 

Platinum - £1,000 - £1,200

  • Logo on website, banners, posters and in brochure 

  • Social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Full page advert in brochure 

  • Digital banner on our website 

  • Bring a pop-up banner to display at the main stage (Event is 24th November 2019) 

Gold - £800

  • Logo on website

  • Logo on the banners around town

  • Social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Double page advert in the brochure (or we could offer bring a pop up banner to the event, put a digital banner on the website or add a second round of social media posts)

Silver - £500

  • Logo on website

  • Social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

  • Choose: Full page advert (or we could offer digital banner on our website)


Bronze - £250

  • Logo on our website

  • Half page advert

If you are interested, please fill in the form below, or email info@wickfordatchristmas.co.uk

Brochure adverts - £22-100

5,000 copies of the brochure will be printed A5 size on gloss paper and distributed among the public and schools, To place an advert contact David Harrison wickfordatchristmas.adds@gmail.com.

Back Page £100 (£90 if paid by 30 September)

Double Page £85 (£76.50 if paid by 30 September)

Full Page £55 (£47.50 if paid by 30 September)

Half Page £35 (£30 if paid by 30 September)

Quarter Page £22 (£20 if paid by 30 September)

Get in touch if you have other ideas. Please email info@wickfordatchristmas.co.uk

Thank you to our current sponsors