Sponsorship opportunities 

Support our aim to bring more festive spirit to the Wickford high street and community. Your backing can help pay for event essentials, entertainment and funding the Christmas lights in 2018 and beyond

We love working with local businesses and organisations to create the Christmas event and atmosphere our high street deserves. Any support you can provide is appreciated. There are plenty of opportunities available and we will support you along the way. Scroll down for contact information. 

What can be sponsored

We are looking for sponsorship and matching funding to help us fund the Christmas Street Fair. Below is a list of things that currently need your support.

  • Road closure = £860
  • Stage and marquee = £1,500
  • Barriers = TBC
  • Santa = £300
  • Reindeer = £1,500
  • Children's entertainment = £1,000
  • Cash donations = Any amount is gratefully received
  • Installing, maintaining and running the Christmas lights for one year = £5,000
  • Insurance = £485
  • PA equipment = £785
  • Toilets = £400
  • First Aid = £275
  • AA signage = £400
  • Radio hire = £300

How we support your business

Helping us helps the Wickford community. If you support us as a sponsor or stall holder for the lights and/or event we will provide you with the following

  • Brand exposure to Wickford (and nearby) residents 
  • Logo and link on the Wickford at Christmas website (scroll down for examples)
  • Social media graphics to show your support/advertise your stall
  • More to be confirmed 

Brochure adverts

For details and prices please email info@wickfordatchristmas.co.uk

Sponsored social media posts

Generate more coverage of your support of the event or more interest for your stand.

  • £100 to £200 = Limited Social Media Mentions
  • £201 to £350 = Social Media Mentions and a Free Advert
  • £351 to £500 = Social Media Mentions, free advert and included in our Press Releases
  • £1000 + = Social Media Mentions, 2 Free Adverts, included in our Press Releases, Stage Mentions and in some instances a Banner placed in the area that you have sponsored.


We want to thank everyone who is helped us bring Christmas cheer to Wickford in 2017 and beyond