Why we need Wickford's support

We are committed to keeping the lights going and having a great Christmas event each year. To find out more about why we exist, read our blog about the financial facts about Christmas lights in our town. 

How to donate

Donate by clicking the button or here 

Other ways you can help

Sponsor lights, attractions or facilities. Click here to find out more

Hold a stall. Click here for information on how to apply

Volunteer to help on the day. Click here for more information

Fundraising. Contact us with your ideas!

About your donation or money raised

Your donation will be used responsibly to help fund the Christmas lights in Wickford High Street, Essex and fundraising events throughout the year. We keep administration and running costs to a minimum, allowing your donations to continue to support the community, the Christmas lights and events.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about how your donation is spent and clear financial information will be available. We might turn down a donation if we feel that accepting it would damage our independence or reputation. If we do, we’ll explain why.

Our fundraising

Fundraising is really important to us and we are proud of what it helps achieve. The committee constantly reviews fundraising to make sure all the money goes to funding the Christmas lights and events. We work with suppliers to help provide the services, events and Christmas lights installations required to have a great Christmas.

We understand the issues when working with suppliers and we work hard to ensure that work is done to a high standard as well as adhering to safeguarding policies.

Our accountability to you

Don't hesitate to contact us with feedback or if you have a complaint or question. We'll respond honestly and as soon as possible.